Dainty Sunset Citrine Pendant
Dainty Sunset Citrine Pendant

Dainty Sunset Citrine Pendant

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Dainty Citrine Pendant, with 16in Chain 

  • Natural Sunset Citrine
  • 16in Chain
  • Apx Dimenstions 1/2''x1/4''
  • Citrine is known as a Gemstone of Wealth, Luck, and Confidence
  • Birthstone of November
  • Great for Casual everyday wear
  • Packed & Shipped from Los Angeles, California

Citrine is a light to deep yellow gemstone, the sister of Amethyst, Citrine is the birthstone of November, it is known as the gemstone of Confidence, Luck, and Wealth, as Citrine gives off a warm golden energy. 

Each Piece of jewelry is handmade in our studio in Los Angeles, California. The Citrine comes with a 16in chain, and fits comfortably on the neck. Please note all gemstones are natural so they may vary slightly in color and size.