Lapis Tumble Pendant
Lapis Tumble Pendant
Lapis Tumble Pendant

Lapis Tumble Pendant

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Lapis Lazuli Tumble Pendant

  • 100% Natural Royal Blue Lapis Lazuli
  • Apx .25x.25 inches 
  • 16in Silver Chain
  • Great for Casual everyday wear
  • Dainty and Light
  • Known as the Gemstone of Communication, Royalty, & Truth
  • Birthstone of January
  • Packed & Shipped from Los Angeles, California 

Lapis Lazuli is a Denim Blue to Royal Blue gemstone, known as the gemstone of royalty it was coveted and worn by the ancient Egyptians. Lapis Lazuli is known as a gemstone of Communication, Truth and Nobility. Its deep Blue color give it a cooling energy. Lapis has tiny golden flakes inside of it known as Pyrite, and sometimes white streaks known as Calcite

Each Piece of jewelry is handmade in our studio in Los Angeles, California. The Lapis comes with a 16in Silver chain, and fits comfortably on the neck. Please note all gemstones are natural so they may vary slightly in color and size.