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Labradorite Crystal Pendant

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Handmade Natural Labradorite Crystal Pendant

  • 100% Natural Labradorite
  • Apx Dimensions 2x1 Inch
  • Waxed Cotton Cord, Easily Adjustable 12-24in
  • Labradorite is known as a Gemstone of Transformation, Preservation & Strength
  • Birthstone of February 
  • Packed & Shipped from Los Angeles, California
  • Great for Occasions or Casual wear

Labradorite is a semi-precious gemstone, known for its beautiful flashes of color in different angles called "Labradorescence". Labradorite is known as a Crystal of Patience, Transformation, Strength and gives of a cooling energy. 

Each Piece of jewelry is handmade in our studio in Los Angeles, California. The pendant comes with a waxed cotton cord which is adjustable from 12-24 inches. Please note all gemstones are natural so they may vary slightly in color and size.