Sugilite Lot Tumbled
Sugilite Lot Tumbled

Sugilite Lot Tumbled

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Natural Sugilite Polished Chips,

Sugilite is a rare pinkish purple gemstone that comes from South Africa. All of our Sugilite is 100% Natural absolutely no dyes or treatments. The Sugilite comes in 1 oz to 1 pound quantities. The Sugilite are assorted polished chips, smooth to the touch so they are great for use in crafting, meditation, and more. The Sugilite are assorted sizes Apx: 1/4-1'' inch pieces

  • 100% Natural Sugilite
  • Apx: 1/4-1'' in chips
  • From South Africa
  • Assorted Sizes Polished Chips
  • Great for crafting use or jewelry making, etc
  • Shipped from Los Angeles California

You can purchase:

(1) Piece Sugilite Tumble Stone

(1)oz of Sugilite Tumble (28grams)

(1/2) a Pound of Sugilite Tumble (225grams)

(1) Pound of Sugilite Tumble (450grams)