Loose Moldavite Crystal
Loose Moldavite Crystal

Loose Moldavite Crystal

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Raw Moldavite Crystal

  • 100% Natural Moldavite
  • Only Found in Czech Republic
  • 4 Grams of Moldavite
  • Packed & Shipped from Los Angeles, California
  • Apx 1x.50 inches
  • Moldavite is a 15 Million year old Crystal 
  • Moldavite Represents Intensity, Transformation, & Awaking 
  • Perfect for Carrying, Jewelry making & more!

Moldavite is a very rare and sought after crystal, only found in the Czech Republic Moldavite was formed from a 15 million year old enormous meteor impact, which instantly vaporized & launched the earth around its impact zone into the atmosphere, the heat and pressure from the impact formed Moldavite in seconds, after which Moldavite beautiful green Moldavite rained down from the sky. Due to its awesome history, Moldavite is known as a intense transformational  & awaking crystal. As the meteor only hit the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic is the only source for Moldavite adding to its rarity and demand.